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Product Description

GOT QUESTIONS?  Check the Factory manual here!

Make sure to read the FAQ!

Read the shipping notes at the bottom of the page!

The Bostig Conversion System stands apart from the rest. For the last 15 years, with its iterative development and tens of thousands of hours of dev time, the millions of proven customer miles is what really count. The only conversion designed and built for reliability and low total cost of ownership, the Bostig Vanagon Conversion System DIY has proven itself the simplest, most consistent, easiest, and most reliable choice to repower a Vanagon.

Bostig has more happy customers than any other engine conversion vendor in the marketplace, and those customers enjoy a system truly engineered for independence. This is why if you search for build experiences online, you'll see Bostig build threads are unique in that they are short, and complete successfully every time.  If you're going to the trouble and expense of improving your van, you don't need to accept the high risks intrinsic to Subaru based conversions. 

Ongoing costs and maintenance are inexpensive and easy, and customers have fewer and far less expensive problems than the competition. The Bostig Conversion is the only system designed to handle neglect, inexperience, abuse, and really bad luck.  We're making sure that the engine swap is just a bump in the road on a much longer more enjoyable journey with your Vanagon, not a destination itself.  

The Turnkey is back!

Bostig introduced the "turnkey" conversion to vanagonland in 2005. Embraced by other vendors and customers it has been a popular concept and term ever since.  We stopped offering turnkeys with the exception of occasional "Thanksgiving Turnkeys" (with the choice of Jellied or Whole-berry cranberry sauce, shipped in the crate!) to focus on the large volume of DIY kit deliveries and R&D. But as the vanagon market continues to shrink, they're back!

There will only be two offered for sale in this round. Both engines with under 28k miles!  Keep in mind even a 100k mile zetec sourced and checked following our manual will run longer, with less frequent and less severe problems than any other engine you could put in a vanagon, including new engines available. Zetecs are 300k mile engines, and 500k if you're diligent without having to pull it for anything engine related.  That's why we still beat anyone else's warranty out there, new engines included (strange right?). 

With the plug and play brand new wiring harness (also originated here at Bostig and duplicated by a others because it's the only right way to do it!) and 4 hose connections, it's really *really* simple. The turnkey turns the install process into one so simple, and so straightforward, it has been completed in 7 hours by a customer, but even a weekend or two and you can work at a normal pace and complete it. An engine hoist speeds it up, but you don't need a lift. 

We remain the only conversion out there with advanced remote tuning and high-speed logging capability out of the box, which guarantees that when you get it installed and running, it ran just like it did during our testing and evaluation runs here! You can also send us data logs for help down the road, and to check normal operation anytime, and we can fine-tune and update remotely. 
- 5 year/50,000 mile engine warranty
- All needed parts for the DIY kit sourced, assembled, run tested, and shipped together, by the pros. 
- The only professional engine conversion specialist in vanagonland(we're not a repair shop, parts retailer, or body shop that also sells conversions), with 15 years of experience and more conversions under one belt than anyone. 
- The only conversion built with one mission: to run longer, with less maintenance, and the least frequent and friendliest modes of failure possible. We don't care about brands you might already like and are prone to buy, we won't scare you into thinking something else is worse as a selling point. We just design and build *the* best option available to meet our mission, and the proof is on the road. 
- The most wearable parts widely available off the shelf than any other option.


Delivery information

These two turnkeys are scheduled to start shipping end of June 2020. Freight or $600 is included in the deposit and will be adjusted up or down based at time of shipping. Freight on a turnkey generally runs under $600 unless you live in Canada, Alaska, or further. Special accommodations can be made by request. 


Zetec engine technical info




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Bostig Vanagon Conversion June 2020 Turnkey deposit (Total Price $11,995)

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