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After an unusually troublesome subaru EJ22 experience, I decided to take the leap and try something else.  I'm glad I did.  The Bostig kit is ridiculously complete - every nut, bolt, washer, and hose clamp is accounted for. The wiring harness, as advertised, is completely plug and play. No cutting, no splicing, no problem.  The conversion parts are high quality, and the ability to buy new Ford parts off the shelf at any parts store in the nation is fantastic.  I'm a simple hobby mechanic, and I found the conversion process to be amazingly easy and straightforward.  The install videos and documentation are very complete and the support of both the Bostig community and Jim and Brady are top notch.  And the end product is a pleasure to drive - smooth, quiet and reasonably powerful.  Having OBD II diagnositics with no errant trouble codes, the ability to log engine data to troubleshoot if necessary, and the power to re-flash your own ECU as the Bostig crew develops and releases new tunes is truly impressive and simply unheard of at this pricepoint.  The Bostig V2 is simply the best conversion option on the market today!
Robert L.
Bostig takes the curve out of "Learning Curve" and directs you down a
straight line. The zetec engine runs smooth and is very low
maintenace. One of the best parts of the conversion is that there are
no hidden costs. You know exactly what you are getting into.
Prior to doing the 2.0 conversion I had never changed my own oil, and couldn't tell a PS pump from an alternator.  Bostig assured me I could do this and they were right.  I turned every wrench myself on this conversion, learned a ton, and had a lot of fun.  Anytime I was unsure of something I'd just call Bostig and they'd walk me through the next step.  When I had issues, they helped me solve them.  Big questions, little questions, whatever.  The support is awesome and the difference in performance over stock is huge.
Tom E.
Bostig is the real deal. Trust me I'm a doctor. I had replaced my leaking head gaskets before but never done anything more major than that. I almost went the Subaru route but luckily found the Bostig boys and their Zetec conversion before I made what would have been for me a mistake. Now I have a reliable perfectly powered vanagon that I can easily maintain and for the first time in many years start enjoying again. Thanks Bostig.
Roy Mellor, MD
1985 Bostig Zetec Vanagon Westfalia GL
I now have about 18,000 miles on the Zetec.  My van runs like a normal car is supposed to run.  I change the oil every 3000 and just go.  We even have air conditioning.  And I’m under Bostig’s warranty! Believe me, if you are considering a new engine for your vanagon, you will be very happy with the Zetec.
Tim A. Asheville, NC
I am very satisfied with the Bostig conversion. The kit is well put together and of very high quality. The video and written instructions are straightforward and complete, and Bostig's support is second to none.  My van ('84 full Westy) is a completely different vehicle now. Reliable, clean running, and I can pass others while going uphill in 3rd gear! The total conversion time was about a week for me, but this includes about 3 days of engine compartment cleaning, undercoating, and other repairs while I was in there.
Robyn Lundstrom, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Easy to learn/do. Great support group of Bostig employees and other customers. I recommend it to others often.
Support level is great. It can't be easy dealing with so many novices!
Parts are easy to find, engine is reliable and cheap to replace if the unthinkable happens. Kit is very complete. Docs are much improved since the 2.0 kit, but were pretty good even then.
Has the Power that VW should have put in it originally. Ease of locating parts for the motor.
Affordable, DIY even for a guy who knows nothing about engine repair / replacement, great customer service, love that i know am much more knowledgeable and capable in terms of diagnosing or repairing my own vehicle.
Without a doubt my entire experience with the Bostig conversion has been nothing but positive. Aside from the obvious improvements in performance and confidence in my van there are the added benefits of having learned an enormous amount about the vehicle and developing a whole new set of skills. So not only am I confident in the new engine but in my ability to fix problems that may arise. I found the Kit and customer support to be outstanding. The instructions were very clear and the videos were great back up. I never had any trouble getting through to someone on the phone line when I had questions and my questions were always answered clearly and concisely no matter how simple they may have been; a rarity these days for sure. I preach the virtues of this conversion to anyone who listens and sometimes to those that don't. I've been meaning to write a lengthy review to post on Samba but I just haven't had the time yet. I promise to get to it a soon as I can. You guys have a great product and an excellent attitude. Best of luck. kahlil
High quality components, well designed kit, excellent customer service, overall good documentation. I would highly recommend your conversion to anyone wanting to upgrade their Vanagon regardless of their skills level. The kit is within the skills level of virtually anyone with a desire to take their time and learn, if needed.
It is easy to appreciate the work and research that went into this kit. It is very well thought out, elegantly designed, complete, and most importantly, simple. I don't think I could have done a Subaru conversion, given the amount of extra effort, research and parts gathering I would have had to do. Bostig gave me a complete solution, from beginning to end. I also believe the Zetec is cheaper, more reliable, and easier to maintain than any other conversion. For these reasons, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Bostig to anyone. I just want to mention that I did this on a 1981 Air Cooled model and it runs amazing. I think Bostig could grab a little bit more of the market by supporting 1980-1982 models. (Just provide instructions on setting up the cooling system, along with a disclaimer). I wish you guys great success with your business. That much effort deserves some reward.
When I got my van I knew that it would need an engine sooner or later. I wanted an engine that gave me more power, reliability, and better fuel economy without springing for the super expensive TDI conversion. I LOVE that this kit lets you put your own sweat (equity) into YOUR van at a price that you can barely buy the Subaru parts for. It is simple enough that a DIY novice could stumble through it and succeed yet challenging enough to bolster the wrenching confidence of even an experienced DIY mechanic. I LOVE that it is 99% FLAPS serviceable and that it runs on regular. My confidence is further underscored by the knowledge that if my engine decides to shit the bed, that I can get a new one delivered to my door with less than 10,00 miles on it for under $600. That's insane confidence. My major lament about falling in love with the Vanagon was thinking that the engine maintenance would break me financially in the long run. Now, I am more worried about the paint than anything else in the van, and my pain is in great shape. Brady and Jim are the definition of professionals. They have built a solid business on a bullet-proof theory that targets a wide swath of the "extended-life" Vangon market. You appeal to the van geek, the DIYer, the budget-worrier, and the buy-American facets of my personality. And number one: you ALWAYS answer your phone (I talked with Brady while he was at a party one night). Unmatched customer service. If I could afford multiple vans and multiple conversions, I would be your number one customer. There are few purchases in my life that have given me (and continue to give me) more DAILY satisfaction than the Bostig conversion. Bostig, through the forum in particular, has connected me to some of the most knowledgeable people in the American VW community in particular Daryl. I had the great pleasure of having him rebuild my transmission (with the limited slip-SICK!) differential and getting to meet him at his home right as he was beginning his chemotherapy. What a great, inspirational member of our collective of Vanagonuts. I feel privileged to have made his acquaintance and have him perform work on my van. So really the Bostig conversion originates with strong founding fathers, but really blossoms in its community.
I really enjoyed the DIY approach, and for someone that had never attempted an engine, transaxle removal, I felt this was a great way to have a guided learning experience. I love the new power, I love being able to do lots of work on my van, and I love to show it off and say, hey, I did this.
Finally, a RELIABLE engine in my Westy. I can count on getting there, and back.
Clean, simple install with improved performance.
I would recommend. Complete, well thought out, efficient.
Kit well constructed, well thought out, tidy install. Drives great..
You guys figured out everything! I loved the videos! I went from no-wrench-skills to someone that can swap and engine and understands what's happening "under the z-bed" of my beloved westy.
People ask me "what made you think that you could do an engine transplant"? I tell them that from my first interacton with Bostig...( I think it was Jim that replied to my e-mail ) they told me that I could do it. With the support that I received........ I did it!! The availability of the support is the most important thing to me. I've been learning as I go......... and I go. You guys had the smartest presentation for conversion that I could find. Thanks
God, where do I start? I guess the best selling point for me was the fact that I could do the entire install myself, and for that we need to thank the plug-and-play electronics. The fact that I saved $5000 or so in labor was quite nice, though the sense of "well I can fix it now" is a definite corollary benefit. The support has been FANTASTIC, and long story short, a friend of mine just bought an 85 and he is putting money away for a Bostig due to my constant, glowing recomendation.
You really get to know your rig after you complete this project. I know have the confidence to turn the key and head out anywhere . The additional power is also a great plus. And the support Bostig provides is outstanding !
Smart, turn key solution. I didn't have to drag through wrecking yards or patch together old parts, to create a Frankenstein Vanagon.All new parts, all designed to work together. I would recommend Bostig to a friend.
The Bostig kit is as advertised the most complete kit available Knowing how much the conversion would cost was important to me. My cost was on the high end with a new crate engine @ just under 6.8k but, I may be including some parts that may not be needed by others, All parts included in the kit are shown on the parts list with a picture and description of each item, every nut, bolt, and washer. Any items necessary for the conversion which are not a part of the kit are listed in the Rock Auto order list or in the instructions Each step of the conversion is broken down into sub kits, complete one step and move on to the next, simple and brilliant. the parts chosen on the Rock Auto order list are commonly available and inexpensive, so if you do make a mistake say, cutting a hose just run down to Autozone and spend $15 on another. There is also peace of mind knowing that if replacement of a part is necessary down the road it is as easy as visiting the nearest auto parts store. Bostig has excellent support, this has proven to be the most valuable part of the conversion. Help is only an e-mail or phone call away. Jim and Brady were very patient with me even though some of my questions were not directly related to the conversion. I would recommend this conversion to anyone with a vanagon/westy/syncro that has an appreciation for it's versatility and would like a dependable easily maintained engine.
Gets rid of all the old engine components and replaces with sturdy, newer, easily repair/replace parts
Bostig Team is always there to help with any question or problem. Experienced and very customer oriented. Pleasant and kinda cool.
Being a novice mechanic, I was pretty unsure about my abilities to complete the project. The instructions and videos answered alot of questions and gave great direction on how to complete the install. With the problems that I did run into, Jim and Brady were patient with me (to say the least) on trouble shooting, and ultimately we resolved all issues. I really enjoyed the celebrity visit on the deck heat panel install by Mr. John Stewart (Tee-Hee!). Since install, I have recommended this conversion to a number of Vanagon owners, and will continue to do so.
Your kit offers the "novice" mechanic sufficient detail to perform the task properly with a high degree of confidence.